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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coke Commercial

I choose this commercial because I think this commercial is creative. It showed the imagination how the coke is made in the vending machine. It is started when people inserted coins at the vending machine. What interesting is, the making of coke is by a small and hardworking creature with creative equipment. The creature that I’ve never seem before. The environment in the vending machine is also nice and peace. It starts from mounting area where the creature inserted the coke inside the bottle. Then the bottle is tightening by bottle cap. After that, the bottle is sending to the place with a full of snow. It is to cool the bottle. Before the ready coke can be delivered to the people who inserted the coins, the creatures seem like celebrating the coke as for too happy cause the coke has been done successfully. Finally the man who inserted the coin can get pleasure from the ready coke. That is one creative thinking in making this commercial. It’s the marketing strategy to attract people or customer who’s interesting to buy the product. I like this creative commercial. It has high level of imagination.